Office & IT Manager

Senior Product Designer/UX

Where Kraków
Form of employment Employment contract
Salary range up to 20,000 net + VAT

EDISONDA is a Krakow-based design and research studio operating since 2009. Our team of nearly 50 people deals with user experience of applications, services, and large systems in Poland, the UK, Norway, Germany, France, and the US. We focus on a holistic approach and user-centered design (UCD) techniques.

What we expect fromSenior Product Designer/UX?

  • At least 6 years of experience – in the implementation of a variety of projects in different industries – we want to be sure that regardless of whether your task is to design a purchasing process or a complex innovation development strategy, you will choose the optimal design process and the best tools.
  • Leadership experience – your tasks will include content-related supervision over projects carried out by junior designers, and the ability to share knowledge and inspiration is a requirement here.
  • Client-consultant experience – we are looking for a substantive leader who understands business perfectly, knows how to use workshops effectively, plan and implement design processes, and think strategically.
  • Great English skills (C1 / C2) – we are implementing more and more projects for foreign clients. Fluent English skills (speaking and writing) are important to us, along with the ability to hold workshops and work in an international team on a daily basis.
  • Very good technical skills – expert knowledge of techniques and design methods in the area of User Centered Design and Design Thinking, as well as working knowledge of canvases using the one-day Design Sprint.
  • Analytical skills – the position of a UX Consultant requires experience in data analysis and knowledge of the tools for the collection, processing, and use of data (SEO, marketing automation, Google Analytics).
  • Following the trends and being open to challenges – the changing reality in the world of new technologies means that we must be up to date all the time, we expect the same from you. AI, FinTech, voice-user interfaces, Responsible Design… We expect those to be on your radar.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of User Experience projects – knowledge and experience in planning and conducting research, as well as understanding the role of a UI designer within the team are all very important to us.
  • Excellent communication skills – the designer spends at least half of their work time on conversations (with clients, subcontractors, and teammates). Therefore, open-mindedness and effective communication of thoughts are key skills.

What we offer:

  • Know-how – EDISONDA means 10 years of experience in the implementation of various projects. If you join us, you will gain access to a massive amount of knowledge and the opportunity to cooperate with people who were responsible for the development of the UX industry in Poland.
  • Independence and decision-making – as a consultant and leader you will enjoy considerable freedom in implementing your ideas, influencing the course of projects, as well as the opportunity to experiment when choosing techniques and tools.
  • Diversity and satisfaction – you will be able to fulfill yourself in projects carried out for large, international clients, but also help introduce innovations in startups. Together, we work out strategies and solutions that matter.
  • More or less standard benefits – private healthcare, sports card, language classes, fruit, sweets, a very comfortable office, modern equipment, and an individual (time and financial) training budget are just some of the benefits we enjoy on a daily basis.
  • Social recognition – if you like taking an active part in conferences, meetups and other important industry events, you will be able to create an expert image for yourself.
  • Good company – one third of your life is spent at work, which is why we believe that contact with inspiring people with a sense of humor is important. There are over 50 people in EDISONDA!
  • Attractive salary – we offer adequate money for a good job and commitment – up to 20,000 net + VAT (B2B or employment contract).
Office & IT Manager

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